The Christmas Story in Art by Gabrielle Doyle

Art, Christmas, Fundraiser and Raffle went together to make a wonderful evening! The Christmas Story in Art by Gabrielle Doyle was an amazing tour de force of artists’ interpretation of the Christmas scenes from 2nd century frescos onwards.

Light at this time of the year, as the days shorten even more, was so significant in the paintings, as in Correggio’s Holy Night where Christ was the source of light and everything else in deepening shadows.  Gabrielle explained the significance of the symbols in the paintings which brought them to life.  So too she drew attention to the influences of one artist on others as in the case of Hugo van der Goes’ Portinari Altarpiece on Italian artists.

After the slide presentation, there was a festive tea with mince pies and the raffle.  Among the many prizes was a painting by Dympna McGovern that she donated.

This event was organised by Aiding Resources, a charity that supports self-help projects in Africa and India. The charity has helped Kamilini in India and Pearlcrest in Uganda this year, giving skills that mean women can earn and thus support their families.  The Charity adheres to the saying that “Educate a man and you educate a person, educate a woman and you educate a nation!”

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