Support Local Initiatives in Developing Countries

Aiding Resources Charity is a Company limited by guarantee that was set up to contribute to the relief of poverty, distress and sickness by providing financial, educational, social, medical or other forms of support. Aiding Resources looks for funding in Ireland to aid projects organised by local communities in developing countries.

On hearing from friends who live in Africa about the heroic efforts local groups were making to help families break the poverty cycle and become self-sufficient through education, we decided to try to support their efforts. We wanted to help them utilise and make the most of their own resources, hence the name – AIDING RESOURCES.

We support these local initiatives in developing countries through our own fundraising efforts and as intermediaries with other developing world funding bodies. We act for the local groups and present the projects to the agencies on their behalf. We donate funds directly to the project managers and we follow the money trail right through with outcome monitoring. Project leaders submit a report on how they have spent the funding within twelve months of receiving it.

Art Aid

Past Event: Art Aid

Thank you all for your participation!

Art Aid was an exciting virtual auction of paintings generously donated by over 40 artists. The event raised over €8,000 and proceeds were donated to Kamalini Training Centre in New Delhi and Pearlcrest Hospitality Training Institute in Uganda to assist in their Covid-19 relief work. This event featured more than 70 contributions in a variety of mediums from celebrated artists such as Thomas Ryan past president of the Royal Hibernian Academy, Myra Jago, and Judy Carroll Deeley as well as many others. The auction was hosted by, an online platform used by charities worldwide and close to home such as The Jack and Jill Children’s Foundation.

Funds raised at the event were donated directly to project managers in Kamalini Training Centre in New Delhi and Pearlcrest Hospitality Training Institute in Uganda. Families in these regions have been deeply affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and with their livelihoods damaged many are going hungry as a result. Families in Uganda require €5 to feed themselves for one day but many earn only €1.5 a day, just enough for a single daily meal. Meanwhile, those in New Delhi need just €8 to feed their family for a full week. Money raised during the Art Aid event has helped to alleviate this crisis.

Kamalini - India

Kamalini - India


Welcome to our Events!
All our events for 2019 will go towards upskilling women at Kamalini Training Centre in New Delhi, India and at Pearlcrest Hospitality Training Institute in Uganda.

We are really grateful to family, friends and everyone who have taken part in the past in our fund-raising events and to those who will do so in the future or who will support or have supported those who take part.

These fund-raising events have many aspects to them as they are: a way of our getting much needed funds; fun activities: we can bring friends and make friends; help Aiding Resources become better known as a charity.

Thanks again for your support!

Kamalini: A Thriving Future

The video presented is the documentary of the Kamalini vocational training centre which was set up in the beginning of 2007. The aim of Kamalini is to "empower under privileged young girls and women by providing them with basic education, employment skills and entrepreneurial spirits" which will allow them to better their families lives.

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"We are convinced that through education and training the poverty cycle can be broken. Supporting local groups – the grass roots approach, leads to sustainable development as these groups decide on their priorities and take ownership of the projects."

Margaret Meagher - Charity Director