When was Aiding Resources set up?

In 2003

What are Aiding Resources aims?

Aiding Resources supports and assists people in developing countries to utilize and make the most of their own natural resources and talents. We sponsor projects which help people transform their lives. These projects are organised by people living in the local communities.

Is Aiding Resources a Registered Charity?

Aiding Resources Charity is a registered charity in Ireland, CHY 15067.

It is registered with the Charity Regulatory Authority No: 20050962

What sort of projects has Aiding Resources helped?

To date, Aiding Resources has supported education and health projects in Kenya, Uganda, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ivory Coast, The Philippines and India.

How does Aiding Resources donate?

Aiding Resources donates the funds directly to the project managers and we follow the money trail right through with outcome monitoring.


Are salaries paid in Aiding Resources?

No salaries are paid in Aiding Resources:  All directors and supporters work on a voluntary basis.

Do you have volunteers?

Yes, we need many volunteers to help us fundraise in Ireland to make a difference in the developing world

Where do we bank?

Bank of Ireland, Rathfarnham Shopping Centre, Dublin 14.

Account Number: 90641759

Sort Code: 90-02-01

IBAN: IE66BOF190641759


How can I get in touch with Aiding Resources?

Mobile: 086 7036306

Email: info@aidingresources.net

What activities have you carried out?

Aiding Resources supports Kamalini Vocational Training Centre in New Delhi, India. Kamalini offers basic education courses to girls who have dropped out of formal education; to migrants from rural areas; to domestic workers who have no formal education or job training; and to women who face limited education and working opportunities especially due to gender discrimination. These courses are helping to break the poverty cycle of families and are contributing to the economic growth of the local community. Kamalini is building a new campus in Gurgaon, south of New Delhi and we are looking for funds to help equip the new classrooms.

Our supporters here in Ireland fundraised by participating in the Women’s Mini Marathon, and by holding fundraising events in their homes.