Art Aid

Art Aid

16th Oct- 16th Nov 2020

Charity Art Auction Event for Covid-19 relief

Art Aid is a virtual auction where paintings generously donated by over 40 artists will be sold online and proceeds will be donated to Kamalini Training Centre in New Delhi and Pearlcrest Hospitality Training Institute in Uganda to assist in their Covid-19 relief work. This exciting auction features more than 60 contributions in a variety of mediums from celebrated artists such as Thomas Ryan past president of the Royal Hibernian Academy, Myra Jago, and Patricia Hughes as well as many amateur artists. The auction is hosted by, an online fundraising platform used by charities worldwide and close to home such as The Jack and Jill Children’s Foundation and bidding will start 16th October 2020. You can preview the paintings now on

Eyot by Myra Jago

Lady in the Red Room by Rozzi Kennedy

Galway Bay Hooker by Margaret Meagher

Now, these institutions are redirecting their efforts and are providing relief for families suffering the devastating effects of Covid-19. Pearlcrest Hospitality Training Institute has reported that families in Uganda require €5 to feed themselves for one day. Many workers are involved in casual manual labour and have therefore found their livelihoods deeply affected by the pandemic with many families now surviving on only €1.50 a day, just enough for one daily meal. Similarly, Kamalini Training Centre has said that those in New Delhi need just €8 to feed their family for a full week, however, many have lost their jobs as a result of the pandemic. In particular, individuals who live in migrant communities and do not own their own home face the additional burden of paying rent while their income opportunities have been lost. Kamalini has already delivered food packages to over 220 Indian families in difficulty and funds raised during Art Aid will be donated directly to Kamalini and Pearlcrest project managers helping to further their Covid-19 relief efforts.

For insights into the event follow the Art Aid Instagram page here.