Giving back enriches the world, join us as a volunteer!

With over 20 volunteers in Dublin, Aiding Resources is a nonprofit Charity that runs on the generosity of our volunteers. Volunteering is a wonderful enriching experience for those who do it and for those who benefit from it!

What is it? The dictionary: “freely offer to do something”. This is indeed a gift for society. We need to maintain it as such and be on the alert for a system that is creeping in whereby volunteers are paid a salary or commission. Let’s keep the gift of volunteering as its always been, a free service for the benefit of the community.

We’re always looking for volunteers to give their time and efforts to help others here at Aiding Resources. If you have an interest in helping change the lives of the people in developing countries where the smallest action goes a long way, we would love to have you join us!

You can volunteer with us by getting involved in our fundraisers (or even hosting your own!) or taking on a role on our volunteer team, putting your talents to work. If you’re interested in becoming a volunteer at Aiding Resources, take a second to fill out our volunteer form and send it to We will be in touch!

Current volunteer opportunities:
Social media volunteer
Fund researcher volunteer
Accounts volunteer

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