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You are very welcome!

I’m Margaret M charity Director for AR

As a charity we are:

  • Compliant with the Code of Governance for Community, voluntary and charitable organisations.
  • Registered with CRA. Company limited by guarantee!
  • Voluntary in the company! Have clocked up over 20,000 hours and the clock continue to tick with your presence and support!!


We support existing, small, self-help proven projects in developing countries, primarily Africa and India. We give economic, social, medical and other support.  The impact of the support makes it possible for the women to control their future!

GAYATRI  is a 38 year old married woman from New Delhi:

She herself had very little education that left her without any possibility of earning for herself and her family. She attended a course in Kamalini in tailoring and now she can earn money to support her family and give them the education she never had!

“If you educate a man you educate a person, if you educate a woman you educate a nation” – an often quoted phrase in developmental work and we adhere too!

We supported TRAINING THE TRAINERS in Kibondani, Kenya  where 2,000 women got basic business skills so that their work was more productive and financially rewarding…

ROSAFINA was sick one day when the landlord came to collect rent and she thought I need to improve my situation. She attended the TOT and through the skills she learned she became more productive. With the little she earned she saved and bought land little by little. She also learned to budget and save for the education of her children, support family…

Women empowering women! It’s so lovely that this event here tonight is for women helping women!

What can you do:

  • Give us your email address so we can keep you up to speed with developments;
  • host an evening..
  • Do the mini marathon..
  • all initiatives are welcome!


A big thank you to some of our sponsors:

  • RIBBON ROUGE: Merrion Shopping Centre

Those who gave items for sale and raffle! We encourage you to support those who support us!

A special thank you to our most gracious hostess Anne. She’s untiring! Her flair and style help to make this such an enjoyable event! A big round of applause for Anne!

If you would like to know more about us have a look at our website: we have volunteers helping us develop our profile on Social Media: take a look, Facebook, Istagram, Twitter… you name it: we are there!!!

Enjoy the rest of the evening! Thanks again for coming! We will start the Raffle!

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